A gentle beginning to your child's educational journey.

“We are fully human only while playing, and we play only when we are human in the truest sense of the word.” – Rudolf Steiner

Our Program:

The Kindergarten is a garden for the soul of a child to explore, a peaceful and gentle place filled with natural beauty, sunlight, and laughter. It’s a refuge where a child can enter the golden state of play where genuine learning occurs. It is found not only in a classroom, but in friendship and in nature, in time and weather.

The modern pace begs such a haven for our children. What is truly needed is not the crowded hustle bustle of academic instruction, but a sanctuary that breathes with a child’s rhythm and serves to build their relationship with the world through igniting a love of learning. Kindergarteners at River Song enjoy an intimate, wisdom based curriculum where they learn through art and story, through the rhythms of the seasons and poetry. Whether under a willow tree next to a laughing creek, sledding down hills in the snow, or interacting with our high quality natural toys, they acquire the skills to share a foundational human narrative.

The principle of flow is important: some of our “kinders” may engage the kindergarten experience again the next year as elders, and other friends may move on to 1st grade adventures. You may rest assured that whichever way a child is inspired to go, he or she will do so with strong foundational skills to empower that journey.

Our Curriculum:

Play is the best instructor, so our kinders enter letters, numbers, and other concepts experientially. They hear the sounds of a letter repeated in stories and poems carefully selected to feature that letter. They draw the letter with their feet in the sandbox and fashion it in bread dough. They paint the strokes of the letter in watercolor. Through engaging the senses in natural play the true essence of the letter emerges for the child. Numbers are experienced in a similar way. We may count stones to build an edge for a flower bed and measure the ingredients we need to make our snacks. Shapes and colors are discovered in the natural world and described with love, only to be rediscovered with joyful enthusiasm on our regular nature walks. Science surrounds us in everything we do both inside and outside of the classroom. We serve the learning of the whole child in this way, deepening their engagement with the world.


Our Schedule:

Our Bluebell kindergarteners meet Monday-Friday, 8:30am-2:00pm. We have a flexible drop off window of 8:00-8:30 as well as after care available from 2:00-5:30pm (additional charge for after care).

3 days per week children are at the school engaging in meaningful and hands-on learning and exploration in the classroom and play yards.

One day is usually spent at the willow tree on Spring Creek Trail or on another walking journey.

We also have one Adventure Day each week. We'll use the River Song bus to visit a local natural area where the children are fully immersed in the science of nature. Hiking, exploring, adventure journaling, picnicking, and deepening the connection to the beauty that is around us. Seasonal field trips may also take place on Adventure Days. These may include a pumpkin patch, farm, butterfly house, etc.



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To schedule a visit, contact Becky Praamsma at 970.407.9185 or email riversongfc@gmail.com

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Why River Song Kindergarten? 

  • Small class size
  • Low teacher:student ratio
  • Lessons taught through play and experiential learning
  • Weekly Adventure Days at local natural areas
  • Seasonal field trips
  • Healthy, organic snacks
  • Real life lessons and projects to enhance whole child development
  • Emphasis on social/emotional development
  • Each child's need are met on an individual basis
  • Children must be 5 by August 1 to be eligible.

Tuition 2023-2024

  • $707/mo
  • $250 materials fee, which can be broken up into payments throughout the year.
  • $50 registration fee for new families