River Song cares for the whole child — heads, hand and heart.

River Song Waldorf School for Children Ages 3 through 6

Garden Playhouse, River Song Waldorf School

Won’t you come in for a spot of tea?

River Song Waldorf School in Fort Collins is a full member of the Waldorf Early Childhood Association of North America (WECAN) and offers a two-, three, or five-day preschool program, with after care available.

Starting in 2024, we will be offering a school-year-based program with an optional summer camp program add-on for currently enrolled students. 

In mixed-age classrooms, we offer attachment caregiving, and River Song teachers practice “the three Rs” (Rhythm, Ritual, and Repetition) while weaving seasonally appropriate story, song, art, movement, puppetry, and play into the children’s lives.

At River Song, your children and your family will enjoy all of the following experiences:

  • Child-centered and relationship-based education and care
    • 7:1 ratios with trained caregivers and teachers
    • Teachers who respect and admire the unique qualities of each individual child while nurturing the emotional, physical, intellectual, social, and soul development
  • Mixed-age preschool classes in a nurturing and home-like setting
    • Classes grounded and calmed by the “Three Rs”: Rhythm, Ritual, and Repetition
    • Organic food served for morning and afternoon snack
    • Natural toys and materials used in the classrooms
    • Media-free environment to encourage imaginative play, social interaction, and creativity
  • A supportive, rhythmic, developmentally-appropriate play-based curriculum grounded in the arts and the natural world
    • Daily nature play (rain, snow, or shine): outdoor walks, swinging, gardening, sledding, picnics, sand play, fort building, water play, and more
    • Daily experience of the arts: singing, circle games, handcrafts, watercolors, bread-baking, storytelling, puppetry, and more
    • Rhythm and ritual built around seasonally-appropriate themes, songs, and stories
    • Emphasis on imaginative play as an early foundation for executive function, creativity, critical thinking, social intelligence, persona and social responsibility, problem solving, and future academic interest and strength
  • Community of families that practice mindful media use and encourage rhythm, imagination, and simplicity

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