At River Song Waldorf, we are a community working together to protect and celebrate the magic of childhood, pure and simple.


River Song is a Waldorf early childhood accredited preschool in Northern Colorado that celebrates the magic of childhood by cultivating a community rooted in its connection to nature, by promoting imaginative free play, and by encouraging a joy of learning through imitation and observation. 


We are a community in Fort Collins, CO that comes together to create a unique and natural environment where childhood is honored and great human beings are nurtured through Waldorf education practices.


  • Attachment caregiving
  • Connection to Nature
  • Daily Rs: rhythm, ritual and repetition
  • Exposure to natural elements
  • Healthy, wholesome nutrition
  • Imaginative, free play
  • Learning through imitation and observation
  • Nurturing sensory experiences
  • Senses of warmth, magic and wonder
  • Trusting in children’s capability and abilities
  • Waldorf and anthroposophical tenets