Let them play! Playing feeds the mind, body and soul.

River Song nurtures and nourishes every child.

River Song Waldorf School’s Early Childhood Program offers preschool age children (ages 3 – 6 years old) a nurturing, home-like environment as they transition more deeply into childhood and prepare for the joys, challenges, and expectations of grade school life. Taught by Waldorf instructors specifically trained in Early Childhood Education, River Song Waldorf nurtures and protects the young child’s sense of wonder and imagination while we enrich “the soil” in which young children grow.

How do we spend our days?

River Song’s daily activities provide a comforting and reliable rhythm for our preschoolers. We knead dough and bake bread, we paint with watercolors or color with homemade crayons, we sculpt and model with beeswax, we put on puppet plays, we sing seasonal, lyrical songs, tell stories that honor the natural world and changing seasons. We take nature walks and play outside every day, rain, snow, and shine. And, of course, we enjoy opportunities for plenty of free-play.

Why is our approach so meaningful for children? As an outgrowth of the Waldorf Early Childhood experience, executive function comes into play, especially as the child approaches and experiences adolescence. The foundation for this important developmental milestone is formed during the early childhood years. We actively encourage and implement the conditions necessary for laying this foundation: free play, especially in the natural world away from media influences and other inputs that sap the innocence, power and magic of childhood.

At River Song Waldorf School, your children and your family will benefit from the following educational experiences… and more:

  • At River Song, children develop the ability to improvise, relax, and restore themselves through play. In other words, they get to enjoy being children, in every beautiful and sacred way.
  • River Song Waldorf students learn to feel proud, nourished, and content with practical self-care and community care skills (such as serving snacks to friends, peers, and adults; washing and packing up their toys; dressing and undressing themselves for all-season weather; baking bread; picking vegetables in the garden, and more).
  • Children at River Song Waldorf learn to develop, test, and adapt their own rules in light of the needs and interests of their individual, spiritual, imaginative selves and within the larger social constructs of peer, adult, and community interaction.
  • River Song students gain a sense of reverence and delight for the magic and majesty of our natural world.
  • River Song students learn to appreciate and prepare wholesome, nourishing food that feeds the body, mind, and spirit.
  • Children at River Song learn to laugh and sing out and with careless abandon.
  • River Song students develop connections with art, music, and drama as a foundation for future connections with literature, science, history, and mathematics.
  • Our students learn to use their own words and voices to effectively express their feelings, needs and desires, including all types of requests, announcements, story-telling, conflict resolution, expressions of compassion and sympathy, and words that celebrate joy.

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