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  • WECAN: Waldorf Early Childhood Association of North America
  • AWSNA: Association of Waldorf Schools of North America
  • AWME: Association for Waldorf Music Education
  • Waldorf in the News (Portland Waldorf School in Portland, OR curates a wonderful list of links on Waldorf and alternative education resources)

Blogs and Websites

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Lectures and Writings by Rudolf Steiner

Steiner’s writings can be a bit…heady. Remember he was a man and writer of his time (early 20th Century). If you can get past some of the antiquated literary stylings, and you can focus on his ideas and insights, these essays and lectures may be of great interest to you. For more modern interpretations and work related to Steiner’s ideas and Waldorf values, check out the books, websites, and blogs featured elsewhere on this page. As with our featured books, while these lectures and essays are available at SteinerBooks.org or Amazon.com, we invite you to special order them from your local bookseller (or one of ours: Old Firehouse BooksAnthology Book Company).


While many of these books can be sourced via Amazon.com or SteinerBooks.org, we invite you to borrow them from your local library (or ours) or purchase them through your local bookseller (or one of ours: Old Firehouse BooksAnthology Book Company). River Song holds an annual book sale in October/November each year, just in time for the holidays.

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