Preserve the Magic of Childhood

Two thousand. From the day a child is born to their first day of school, just 2,000 precious

days go by. This formative time is when children develop the social skills, personality, and

intellect that will carry them through their lives. Where and how they spend that time is one

of the most important decisions a parent will ever make for their child.

River Song Waldorf School creates a unique and natural environment where

childhood is honored and great human beings are nurtured through Waldorf

education practices.

Our program is highly sought after, with a waitlist of more than two-dozen children. Waldorf

is the fastest growing independent educational movement in the private sector, and with a

Waldorf charter school now enrolling children in grades K-8 in Fort Collins, River Song is even

more in demand.

The time has come to expand our facility and offer Waldorf education to more families with

young children. Thanks to a heart-felt and generous gift, River Song will move into a

beautiful home on an acre of land at 900 East Stuart Street, just west of our current location.

This 2,500 square-foot single-family home, valued at $360,000, provides the perfect

opportunity to own a facility and will allow us to expand and grow our Waldorf roots.

We have exciting plans to renovate the facility to best capture the features of the Waldorf

curriculum — open space, beautiful classrooms with kitchens, gardens, and a parent meeting

area. The new facility will add a third classroom and provide care for up to an additional 15

children. Finishes utilizing natural materials and a muted palette will support the Waldorf

philosophy and educational experience. Carefully chosen landscaping will nurture our outdoor

activities and include a safe and accessible area for parents to drop-off and pick-up their

children and to park for events.

In order to realize this vision for our new facility, River Song is launching a capital campaign

in 2016. The new location will cost $700,000 of which $350,000 has already been secured with

the donation of the home. Our fundraising goal of $350,000 will cover the entire renovation

and expansion of the building and grounds. Meanwhile, renovations to the house will begin in

September 2016. We plan to occupy the finished facility by May 2017 and the new school will

be ready for classes starting on September 1, 2017.

River Song cares for and educates the whole child — head, hands, and heart. We have been

educating Fort Collins children since 1989 and have graduated 700 students. Our graduates

have gone on to lead wonder-filled, happy, and productive lives. We invite you to join us in

this exciting opportunity to further develop our Waldorf community and provide a much needed

alternative in early childhood education for families in Fort Collins. Together, let’s

keep childhood magical!

Our dreams will not be possible without the wonderful support of our families, friends, neighbors, and community.

Please click here if you are able to assist us on our journey!

Your monetary donation is eligible for a Child Care Contribution Tax Credit of 50% of

your total contribution. Please consult your tax attorney for details.