Meet Our Team

“River Song has provided a truly loving, creative and nurturing environment for my daughter to thrive in her preschool years. She is well prepared for her next chapter in life, with a strong imagination and healthy confidence.” – Sunflower Room parent

Who is caring for your children? We all are.

Waldorf educators are very special people. We all come into this profession for a variety of reasons, and we all find the beauty, simplicity, and soulfulness of the Waldorf approach speaks to our vision of the world. River Song is fortunate to have a diverse staff of experienced, excellent and loving souls who hold the strongest of commitments to young children and the precious years of early childhood.

Becky PraamsmaBecky Praamsma, Administrative Director

Becky Praamsma came to River Song after being the Director for 10 1/2 years at a large for-profit child care center here in town. Since joining us in 2015, she has pioneered the construction and completion of our new building, allowing more families to join our community. She has a Bachelor’s degree from Northern Michigan University in Early Childhood Education. Becky began her career teaching preschool, slowly moving her way into a Director position before moving to Colorado from Michigan in 2004. She has become the embodiment of the River Song Waldorf Philosophy and guides the school with a gentle, loving hand.

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Chelsea HotchkissChelsea Hotchkiss, Sun Garden Lead Teacher

Chelsea Hotchkiss started out at River Song in 2010 after beginning her studies of Early Childhood education at the University of Northern Colorado. To be sure she was on the right path; she pursued a job in Early Childhood Education, which brought her to River Song in July 2010. She also attended River Song when it was an elementary school. During her time at River Song she has attended a multitude of Waldorf and mainstream conferences with many different professionals throughout both the Waldorf and public school community. She was officially certified as a Waldorf Teacher in the summer of 2017. Chelsea has attended Waldorf schools most of her life and now through her time spent at River Song she has experienced many moments of this is it! This is what I am meant to do. A quote that resonated strongly with her is “you will recognize your own path when you come upon it because you will suddenly have all the energy and imagination you will ever need.” Jerry Gillies. Chelsea is a very outgoing, creative individual who brings song, story, laughter, grace and lots of joy into her teaching.

Favorite children’s books:

  • The Kissing Hand by Audrey Penn. This book is wonderful because it talks about a situation many children experience and is so easy for any parent to implement.
  • Grandfather Twilight by Barbara Helen Berger. This book has very few words and gorgeous illustrations. I remember fond memories of memorizing the book and reading it back to my parents.

Becca Cohencious Rebecca (Becca) Cohencious, Star Garden Lead Teacher

Becca Cohencious has wanted to be a teacher ever since she was four years old. She discovered Waldorf Education when she joined our school as a substitute teacher. A few months later, Becca joined River Song as our Afternoon Assistant, eventually becoming the Moonflower Assistant Teacher with Miss Nicky. After being certified as a Waldorf Teacher in the summer of 2017, she is thrilled to now lead her own classroom! Becca loves working with children in creative ways that allow for a wealth of imaginative play. She also finds great beauty in all things natural and is a strong believer in sustainable living. A caring, creative and strong spirit, she is happy to share her love of living, learning, and play with all of our children.

Favorite children’s books:


Aurora Romine,  Moon Garden Lead Teacher

A lifelong traveler throughout the US and Central America and a textile artist, Aurora Romine began exploring what Waldorf education offered as her children, Zakariah and Zina, became of school age. Waldorf felt like “home” to her in terms the community, the reverence for Nature and spirit, and most of all the approach to the development of the child.  Aurora began at River Song as a substitute when her youngest child Zina was three years old. She then felt the draw to do her Waldorf Early Childhood training, which she started when her daughter entered kindergarten. First the Moonflower assistant, then after completing her training at the West Coast Institute in British Columbia, Aurora became the lead teacher of the Moonflower class. After taking a brief hiatus to welcome her daughter Opal into the world, she has now returned as the lead teacher in our Moon Garden classroom. She feels incredibly blessed to be doing this good work, and for all the blessings and wonder shared each and every day. Aurora also has a Bachelor of Science in Botany, with a concentration in textiles and art for education.

Spencer Downing

Spencer Downing is currently the Sun Garden classroom assistant. Graduating from Colorado State University in 2015 with a Bachelor’s Degree in Human Development and Family Studies, Spencer began her professional career by substitute teaching at River Song Waldorf School a month after graduation. During that time, she broadened her experience by subbing in a Montessori-inspired classroom as well as nannying full time for a local family whose children were five and two. Spencer spent the 2016-2017 school year as a full time Montessori-inspired teacher in a Jewish preschool and kindergarten classroom. Upon availability of a full time assistant position in the Sun Garden classroom in the summer of 2017, Spencer was welcomed once again into the River Song Waldorf School community. She is engaged to the love of her life and will marry in the summer of 2018 in Estes Park. Spencer and her fiance, Ryan, enjoy movie nights, Mexican food, and raising their puppy, Annabelle.

Sarah Fishburn

Sarah Fishburn, Kitchen Assistant

Sarah Fishburn joined River Song in … Our resident bread maker, birthday cake baker, soup chef, skinned knee kisser and purveyor of all things that glisten and glitter, Sarah supports our teachers and children with scrumptious snacks and a warm, tidy hearth. As Sarah likes to joke, she has more than 150 years’ experience: “Kids (50+ years experience), Other People (50 more), and all kinds of Kitchen This & That (yup, another 50).” Our children, parents, faculty, and staff count on Sarah for her sense of humor, compassion, and artistic flair — including many of our flower and natural arrangements throughout the classroom. She and her husband own and operate Momo Lomo Coffee House on West Elizabeth Street.

Favorite children’s books: