Mission, Vision, Values

At River Song Waldorf, we are a community working together to protect and celebrate the magic of childhood, pure and simple.


River Song Waldorf School protects the magic of childhood and promotes the values and principles of Waldorf Early Childhood Curriculum.



We are a community in Fort Collins, CO that comes together to create a unique and natural environment where childhood is honored and great human beings are nurtured through Waldorf education practices.



  • Attachment caregiving
  • Connection to Nature
  • Daily Rs: rhythm, ritual and repetition
  • Exposure to natural elements
  • Healthy, wholesome nutrition
  • Imaginative, free play

  • Learning through imitation and observation
  • Nurturing sensory experiences
  • Senses of warmth, magic and wonder
  • Trusting in children’s capability and abilities
  • Waldorf and anthroposophical tenets