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Early Childhood

River Song Waldorf offers an alternative, play-based Early Childhood Program for 2 ½ to 5-year olds in Fort Collins. Part preschool, part childcare, River Song emphasizes nature and imaginative play in a nurturing, home-like environment so that children can explore the wonders, joys, and magic of childhood—pure and simple.  Two-, three-, and five-day programs are available on a half- or full-day schedule.

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Blossom Garden

Blossom Garden is a series of play-based classes for parents and children. Typically, Blossom Garden consists of eight 2-hour classes, held weekly. Classes are appropriate for new and seasoned parents with children ages 2½ through 5 years. Learn more.

Why River Song?

River Song cares for and educates the whole child — head, hands, and heart.

  1. 7:1 teacher-student ratios with trained and loving teachers and caregivers
  2. Daily nature play: outdoor walks, swinging, gardening, sledding, picnics, imaginative play, and more
  3. Alternative preschool curriculum grounded in the arts: singing, circle games, handcrafts, watercolors, bread-baking, storytelling, and more
  4. Emphasis on health and wholeness: organic food and natural toys in a cozy, home-like environment
  5. Community of Fort Collins area families that practice mindful media use and encourage rhythm, imagination, and simplicity
  6. Year-round care schedule friendly to working families and families with multiple children